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I offer professional audio/podcast editing services.
Here is what I will do on your audio/ podcast?
  • remove filler words from audio, in order to make the conservation as smooth as possible – filler words like ; “um”, “uh”, “er”, “ah”, “like”, “okay”, “right”, “you know”, etc.
  • remove stutters and repeated words


  • reduce or completely take out background noise
  • add supplied intro, outro, background music and  other elements to produce your  podcast
  • Level out voices. I  balance the audio levels, so that host does not speak louder than the guest(s) vice versa
  • master the audio, so it sounds crispier
  • cut and merge audios.

 Basically, I remove anything undesirable from your audio or podcast to make it standard for Apple Podcast, SoundCloud, your website, Radio, etc.

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