Flyer and Poster Design | Event or Party


What I require:
  • Details of your requirement
  • Examples of designs you like
  • Specifications and preferences; if any
What you get:
  • An eye-catching and attention-grabbing poster with professional finish
  • In size of choice (A3/A4/A5/A6 – Cutting Margin / Bleed  added)
  • Design in Adobe Photoshop PSD file (300 dpi, CMYK color resolution)
  • Timeline for delivery: 3 days
  • Unlimited revisions; if required

Please fill in all necessary fields before making your purchase.

Check the Description below for more detailed information about this Flyer and Poster Design Service.

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How are you? I am going to run through a few details about my Flyer and Poster Design Service. But before I do that, I just want to quickly say thank you for making it Zaken Media.

Now lets begin, You must enter all mandatory fields before moving on to checkout. These will include Event Name, Date & Location.

Event Name: This is generally the Largest Text on the Flyer and Poster Design. It is the first thing people look to remember when being introduced to your event.

Event Date: This is the day of the event of coarse, but some events may happen over the course of many days. If this is the case for your event, simply add it in the second date option, otherwise just add one date. If you want to have separate designs for each individual days then you will have to make a separate order for each.

Event Location: This is where people come to attend the event, though these days some events may take place online. If such is the case, simply provide me with the web link.

Those were all the mandatory fields to enter before you can check out. But as you can see there are more options available to you at a cost. The only option I don’t charge more for is the Event Time.

Admission: This is how much it costs to attend your event, if you have multiple pricing options please list them all. If your admission is free, I will probably be there myself 🙂

Social Media Versions: So I will dive into the other paid options now starting off with Social Media Versions. These are the same Flyer and Poster Design modified specifically for various social media platforms.

Facebook: You will get 4 variation to use right across Facebook. These will be Facebook Post Image, Facebook Page Cover Photo, Facebook Page Profile Photo, & Facebook Event Page Cover Photo.


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